Website Development

The web is ever-changing, and as early adopters we are relentlessly passionate about testing the latest technology and staying two steps ahead of the technical curve to develop stunning websites that are interactive, functional and user-centric.

Upon your approval of the design concept, we’ll begin the programming phase of the project. We can custom program any special functionality into your website at this time, which can include e-commerce shopping carts, blogs, or just that little extra something.

Our in-house developers use HTML5 and CSS3 which are highly cross-browser compatible, fast loading and search-engine-friendly. We code mainly in PHP using open-source software such as WordPress content management systems (CMS) which are customisable, expandable and upgradable to fit with our clients’ needs.

At LS Digital, we understand the importance of efficiently updating your website quickly and easily. Which is why we set up the content management system in a way that allows our client full control to edit at a moment’s notice.

Our innovative ability to combine graphic elements with technical expertise results in visually appealing and easy-to-use websites that stand out from the crowd. By choosing LS Digital for your web development services, you will unlock endless possibilities beneficial for the success of your brand.